What are composites

Composites or composite materials are defined as solid materials consisting of two or more components. Each component provides an added value such that, when combined together they generate greater physical properties than what is derived in their individual form.

In general composites consist of a binder or matrix that surrounds or binds the reinforcement. The matrix material such as Polyesters, Vinyl esters or Epoxies, is used for protection, load transfer, shape, and in the case of piping systems, chemical resistance. The reinforcement material, such as glass or carbon fibers, is used to enhance strength and stiffness.

The past 30 years have witnessed remarkable developments in materials used, applications, and processing technology of composites. Conventional materials are being replaced with composite materials in a variety of applications. One such area is the piping systems solutions. Being light weight, chemical resistant, and having long life with high strength to weight ratio, Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic (GRP) pipes are vastly replacing more common materials of construction such as Ductile Iron.

The design and manufacturing advantages of composite piping systems are very extensive. Composite piping systems excel due to the fiber and matrix combination which yields an incredible high performance strength and chemical resistance at a very cost effective price.