advanced composites is a well established composite design and manufacturing company since 2000. It continues to supply the UAE and the surrounding region with quality and high performance corrosion resistant Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic products.

We primarily focus on Engineering and Manufacturing Pipes, Fittings, piping systems, and optimal design solutions for all sectors including industrial, municipal, infrastructure, petroleum, and petrochemical projects.

We design and manufacture pipes for onshore, offshore, up and downstream, and marine applications with various methods including: Filament Winding, Resin Transfer Molding, and Conventional Lamination.

advanced composites utilizes the latest American technological capabilities available in the FRP piping systems field in this region for both municipal and energy related applications. The required licensing for the unique 4-axis filament winding machines and their highly restricted technology at our factory, which were acquired from a reputed US manufacturer, were specifically granted to advanced composites by the US Department of Trade and Commerce after rigorous inspections that continue to date.

We had engaged the services of the world's top renowned composite industry consultants who have assisted us in the design and setting up of our manufacturing facility with ongoing collaboration for research and development of composites.

advanced composites has obtained accreditations for its Quality Management System as well as Product Monogram Certifications from highly credible organizations including the American Petroleum Institute and Water Regulations Advisory Scheme. The following are the certifications in brief:

  • API Spec Q1 – A highly regarded certification recognizing our Quality Management System awarded by American Petroleum Institute. Reg. No. being 0072.
  • ISO 9001:2008 – Internationally acclaimed Quality Management Certification also awarded by American Petroleum Institute. Reg. No.0347
  • API 15 LR – Product Monogram license given by American Petroleum Institute to produce Composite piping systems for pressures up to 1000 psi. Reg. No. is 0014. The end users of this piping system are typically the Petroleum and Oil & Gas industry.
  • API 15 HR – Product Monogram license to produce high pressure piping systems for the Oil & Gas sector for pressures up to 5000 psi
  • WRAS – Accreditation by the UK based Water Research Center- National Sanitary Foundation to produce FRP pipes for potable water transport. Reg. No. is 0210518.
  • ISO 14692 (updated from UKOOA) - advanced composites complies with this standard.

At advanced composites we utilize the latest technology for designing pipes and programming of our CNC machines. For winding with all 4 axes for making complex parts, we make use of latest advanced software CADWIND. For accurate design of our pipe and process simulation we have CompositePRO. The final analysis of the pipe design is done with Composite Designer.

We are confident that the above information will prove ample in demonstrating our high level of commitment to quality in our products with unmatched service to follow. Our group of engineers and their vast experience will assist you in designing the most cost effective optimal solution that goes beyond compliance for your project's existing requirements.